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Who is Dynamic Zones?

Dynamic Zones is a specialist in on line communication from the Netherlands.
We offer different on line business solutions, from interactive websites to communities with which many people can share knowledge and information on line.

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Dynamic Zones has developed a management system that allows you to communicate with internal and external target groups through internet portals called communities. The technique has been developed within user groups and is extremely user-friendly. The system is a platform for all of the communication and information flows within an organisation. With the management system you can run the Internet site all by yourself. That is practical, efficient and cheap. Besides the management system, there are of course several applications which you can add to your Internet site to make everything complete.


Dynamic Zones has several solutions which can add an important value to your organisation. We think along with you to receive the most from your Internet applications. 


A high return on investment on your Internet and intranet applications?