Who is Dynamic Zones?

Dynamic Zones is a specialist in on line communication from the Netherlands.
We offer different on line business solutions, from interactive websites to communities with which many people can share knowledge and information on line.


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The solutions offered by Dynamic Zones are versatile. The user-friendly management system covers a lot of applications, from relation management to a web shop. The solutions can be applied based on your wishes and easily be connected to each other.


An intranet system is meant for employees within an organisation. Employees have the possibility to store and (re)use information. The information can be shared with other employees. This will result in work and communication efficiency.
Work processes becomes accessible and are supplied by this system. This will improve your competitive position and an optimal control of your processes.


Our interactive communication platform gives you the opportunity to communicate effectively with your customers or users. The unique management system of Dynamic Zones combines (if desired) easily all communication channels. The intranet and Internet can become one. Even if you already have an Internet site, you still can use our techniques. We ensure you that the different systems connect well to each other and that you can use new applications whenever you like. In this way, you expand the use and purpose of your site and add a new interactive dimension to it!


Relation Management gives you the opportunity to register and manage all relevant information about your relations. Through the Internet site there are also several promotional actions possible.





With a user-friendly Content Management System (CMS) you effortlessly manage all information flows: this system is rapid, econmical, accurate, pleasant and easy.






You can simply start your own on line shop (web shop). We can connect (if desired) the products to the product files and prices. It makes it possible for your customers to order on line.


The system is very user-friendly, you don't even need a special training. You can put your catalogue on the Internet and modify it whenever you like. If you can work with MS Word, then our system is very easy to use.


You can announce your products on the Internet with a catalogue on your site. This is also a very well first step to a web shop. The catalogue can simply be extended with an online sales function.

The user-friendliness of the system allows you to start using the system without all kinds of trainings. You can put your catalogue on line and apply all modifications. If you can work with MS Word, then you can work with our system very also.



The Project Platform is a module to improve the results of a project. People will work together more easily, no matter the physical distance. It will guarantee the progress and the transfer of information about the project. It is always possible to look at the status of the project, which makes timely adjustments possible.  

Improve the level of expertise of your organization or your course participants by implementing learning and accompaniment activities in your organization.




Events occur in every business sector. These events must become recognizable for your target group. Therefore, the Internet is a suitable medium. You can make an announcement on your Internet site, but you can also go much further by using the possibility to sell tickets on line. This is possible with the Events Management system of Dynamic Zones.  




More and more organizations realize the importance of a good knowledge transfer between the employees and between departments. This knowledge transfer improves the competitive position of companies and prevents a breach fall if an employee with specific knowledge leaves the company. With Knowledge Management, you guarantee the knowledge base of your employees.

With the library on Internet you can adequately and effectively manage data from each computer.






Each organization has several administrations, which are frequently kept up by several departments. Dynamic Zones can support both the staff and sale administration (including all financial data).