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Different Internet communities has been prvided by Dynamic Zones. Meanwhile, these communities have much active members. The communities bring in a lot of relevant information to the participants and they can provide a closer contact between organizations and their target groups.

Do you want visit a number of our communities? Please click on one of them mentioned below.

www.ikkeben.nl is a community for parents to talk with each other concerning subjects involving children, education and current discussions.

www.dmxzone.com is an international community, where knowledge concerning computer software of macro media is exchanged.

www.flashfocus.nl is a Dutch community concerning Macromedia Flash (a software parcel with which interactive cos-ordination and applications can be made). The visitors can exchange knowledge and learn from each other.

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The Internet is a very suitable medium if you are interested in a certain subject and you want to discuss this subject with others. Physical distance and borders are no longer an obstacle. For this reason many Internet communities are set up. These communities facilitate the mutual communication of the users; people can easily come in touch with each other and exchange simply information and knowledge.

Community possibilities 


It is essential for each company to listen to the customers and to find out what the interests of the target group are, both in the consuming market and in the surroundings of the organization. Dynamic Zones provides an Internet community for organizations to communicate with their customers and other important groups. This community is a very suitable instrument for monitoring, giving information and obtaining feedback on products, campaigns, etcetera.


An Internet community also has a lot of other advantages. Each moment, new ideas and information will appear on the Internet community. This offers you new social and business chances, per example finding new business partners or suitable employees. Dynamic Zones is ready to deliver a qualified system for each circumstance or target.


The advantages:

  • Relatively low costs;
  • Serving a number of people worldwide from one location;
  • Mutual communication between you and your customers provides valuable information;
  • A community is an ideal marketing instrument for research after the needs of your customers;
  • You can anticipate on topics more rapidly;
  • Communication takes little time, for your customers and for yourself as well.



Through an Internet community you can get in touch with others who share your hobby or interest. Communities can also be used to discuss matters such as politics or child education. Placing calls and exchanging information is also a possibility.




Dynamic Zones provides the technique for communities


Dynamic Zones has vast experience on communities. Our community, which has started in the US, has at this moment more than 180.000 members all over the world. The visitors and members at the site participate actively, which gives us a lot of information. Dynamic Zones translates this information into new solutions, which can be used in all communities. Therefore, a community grows with the customer.

You provide the ideas

Easily manage a community yourself

You share your visions and wishes, we realize the community with our existing technique. If you already have a system for your Internet site or intranet, then we can link your new community to your existing system.

With a simple Management System you can manage the community all by yourself. Knowledge of the Internet and simple word processes is more than enough. All of our customers will receive adequate support and updates. After some time, you manage an Internet community alomst automatically. You will have the supervision over your community and do even less for it, because your members add more and more contributions. Members can place, change and remove information easily. The user freedom ensures that the members participate actively all the time and that new active members will appear daily. As a result, your community grows continuously and provides you from more and more marketing infofmation!