Meanwhile, Dynamic Zones has provided interactive Internet sites and intranet systems, which entirely can be managed and maintained by the user. But this is still a too narrow description of our technique. It is a communication platform, for which all kinds of communication applications are conceivable. Therefore, we have set up internal communication systems and intranet applications for companies. To both applies that we can add a multiplicity of (interactive) applications on request.

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Dynamic Zones International has created an extranet with a digital project platform for Damen Shipyards and Pon Power to improve the collaboration between the two companies. After a successful pilot from six months that has improved the cooperation between the two companies, the final version of the project platform has been succesfully deployed. 


The Project Platform is a module to improve the results of a project. People will work together more easily, no matter the physical distance. It will guarantee the progress and the transfer of information about the project. It is always possible to look at the status of the project, which makes timely adjustments possible.  



The Challenge

Pon Power offers her products to the world 24 hours a day. Because of the huge range of products of Pon Power it cost many hours to collect information on these products. Research stated it was necessary to build a product catalogue.


The Solution 

With the new product catalogue which is connected to the Intranet, it takes less effort and time to find product information and to update or process it. The company uses the product catalogue for manuals, drawings and other documents. The organisation was able to save a lot of money and time while gaining flexibility.  



AutoDesk Inc., producer of p.e. AutoCAD and owner of Discreet (known by p.e. 3d Studio Max) has asked Dynamic Zones to develop a beta testing portal, with the possibility to create a separate project by each test program. Using the portal, users can easily communicate with each other and with AutoDesk Inc. concerning their beta software.

Dynamic Zones helps the Rabobank with setting up digital portals and communities. The pilot is the first step to a portal for each Rabobank and a community for each local activity.

One of these adventurers, Henk-Jan, has received the highest appreciations during the election for the Planet Race selection. Would this mean that he will win the adventure? Nobody can predict that. But one thing is clear: his adventure has already started. Dynamic Zones has realized the site of Henk-Jan and wishes him a lot of success.

Dynamic Zones looks after the new intranet site of Pon Power.

FlashFiles is the bigest dutch Flash resource site. With many compititions, news, tutorials/fla and an active forum with many participating visitors.

Digitaleschoolkrant.nl (the digital school newspaper) ensures an improved communication between teachers, students and schools.

The Zone Internet sites of Dynamic Zones act as a well-known and trusted spot for web developers who work with the products of Macromedia.


Macromedia  is a well-known software company. Dynamic Zones is a proud partner of Macromedia. With the support of Macromedia we can offer the best software to our customers.

Ikkeben.nl is a community for families. Parents can exchange their personal experiences.