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Direct Effect is to represent Dynamic Zones International web properties. Dynamic Zones International B.V. formed a partnership with Direct Effect to benefit from the advertising opportunities of the Dynamic Zones network. The Dynamic Zones Network includes the web development communities of DMXzone.com, FLzone.com, Fwzone.net, DNzone.com and CFzone.com. The network consists of more then 550.000 web developers and designers that work with Adobe Products.


Dynamic Zones International has created an extranet with a digital project platform for Damen Shipyards and Pon Power to improve the collaboration between the two companies. After a successful pilot from six months that has improved the cooperation between the two companies, the final version of the project platform has been succesfully deployed. 



The Challenge

Pon Power offers her products to the world 24 hours a day. Because of the huge range of products of Pon Power it cost many hours to collect information on these products. Research stated it was necessary to build a product catalogue.


The Solution 

With the new product catalogue which is connected to the Intranet, it takes less effort and time to find product information and to update or process it. The company uses the product catalogue for manuals, drawings and other documents. The organisation was able to save a lot of money and time while gaining flexibility.  



AutoDesk Inc., producer of p.e. Autocad and owner of Discreet (known for things like 3d Studio Max) has asked Dynamic Zones to develop a béta testing make portal, with the opportunity to make separate projects per test programme. With the help of this portal, users can communicate easily with each other and with AutoDesk Inc. concerning the beta software of AutoDesk Inc.