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Who is Dynamic Zones?

Dynamic Zones is a specialist in online communication from the Netherlands.

Our services vary from different online business solutions, to interactive websites and up to communities with which many people can share knowledge and information on line.


Dynamic Zones is a company which aims at the market for Internet

applications for organizations for external and internal use. Our name salready shows that we are a dynamic company. We work with a small team of specialists, who continuously work on new applications and possibilities. The wishes of our customers put us in the right direction.



The company Dynamic Zones was founded in 2000. Our history of innovation started with the launch of a successful international user group. The goal of this user group, or community, is to share knowledge about certain software. Because of the enthousiasm of the users this group blossomed and became a network with more than 850,000 users. Together with this user group we developed the used technique so it became a professional platform to support all kinds of information exchange between the user group. The principles were and still are: self management of the website and the applications. All of this is possible with a unique and easy management system. Everything on the website can be adjusted wherever, whenever and as often as wished as long as there is an Internet connection nearby!

More than 850,000 users

Dynamic Zones has developed a content management system, with which you can communicate in several ways with both internal and external target groups through your own website. Our technique has been developed and tested within our user group and is therefore really user-friendly. Our system also has a complete platform for all the communication and information flows and you can manage your website all by yourself. Next to this, there are of course several other applications which you can add up to complete your system.

Dynamic Zones has many different solutions which will result in an important surplus value to your business. Together with you we think about how to gain optimal profit and effectivity from your internet applications.


Our technique has been more than approved within communities. Next to these we also have plenty, very effective business services to offer you. Just contact us and all your on line wishes will come true!



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