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Privacy statement

Dynamic Zones privacy policy

Dynamic Zones respect the privacy of the visitors of our site. Therefore, we want absolute clarity about this subject. This is formulated in the privacy statement mentioned below.

General data

Dynamic Zones collect general data concerning the visitors to our Internet site. These data includes subjects such as the number of most visited sites and the most popular articles. The information helps us improve the contents of our site. It can occur that used software uses cookies for this purpose.

Personal data

The software of Dynamic Zones gives us the opportunity to store personal data, which was imported by our visitors, and to analyse the results of our marketing campaigns. The gathered information has been intended only for personal use and will never be displayed without your permission or distributed in any other way. The information is treated and protected in conformity with the Dutch law.


“Cookies” are fact files which an Internet site sends to your computer while you examine the site. These fact files contain information on base of which a site can remember important information. This will result in an more efficient and useful working site.
Dynamic Zones use cookies for several aims. Therefore we use for example the cookie technology to collect not personal information from visitors and to make an optimal individualised site-use possible for our registered visitors. We also use cookies to improve our interpretation of user statistics.
Cookie can bring no damage to your computer. You can refuse cookies at any time by adapting the institutions of your browser.


Dynamic Zones protect its databases in the best possible way, so the stored information cannot go lost or be abused. However, perfect security does not exist on the Internet. For this reason we cannot guarantee that our security is impenetrable for those who have wrong intentions.


This Internet site can contain links to Internet sites of third parties. Dynamic Zones cannot guarantee the privacy policy of these Internet sites. If you have questions concerning your privacy on Internet sites of third parties, we recommend you to search for a privacy policy on the concerning site, or to get in touch with the owner of the concerning Internet site.


It can occur that you receive e-mail from Dynamic Zones concerning its products and/or activities. It is at any time possible to remove yourself from our lists.

Modifications in our privacy policy

Dynamic Zones preserve themselves the right for changes in the contents of this privacy statement. This however not without an indication on the site.

If you have questions on the privacy policy of Dynamic Zones, or if you want know which data we have collected or if you want to modify your personal details, please get in touch with Dynamic Zones (phone (0031)53-4836314) or e-mail us at