Dynamic Zones looks after the new intranet site of Pon Power.

Meanwhile, Dynamic Zones has provided interactive Internet sites and intranet systems, which entirely can be managed and maintained by the user. But this is still a too narrow description of our technique. It is a communication platform, for which all kinds of communication applications are conceivable. Therefore, we have set up internal communication systems and intranet applications for companies. To both applies that we can add a multiplicity of (interactive) applications on request.

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Dynamic Zones looks after the new intranet site of Pon Power.


With the help of an intranet, information can be structured, spread and processed faster and easier. The organization will save time and money while it also gets more flexible.


The intranet system can be connected to existing communication systems and has the following advantages:


  • Manage relations, own establishments and business partners at any time, at any place;
  • Work more efficiently and raise productivity;
  • Manage information flows;
  • Bring employees and possible customers together.

Pon Power offers their services 24 hours a day across the whole country. This results in an enormous amount of information, which can not be taking care of with the existing infrastructure. To solve this problem, Pon Power had accomplished an internal survey. The results of this survey show that it is necessary to obtain a vast intranet system.