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Who is Dynamic Zones?

Dynamic Zones is a specialist in on line communication from the Netherlands.
We offer different on line business solutions, from interactive websites to communities with which many people can share knowledge and information on line.

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A high return on investment on your Internet - and intranet /
Does your website suffice your expectations?


Many companies leave the set up of their Internet site entirely to a web development company. After delivery, the Internet site often does not suffice your requirements. Therefore, it is much more desirable for some companies to manage the content and user management of the site themselves.


For this reason Dynamic Zones has developed a platform, on which you can control all information and communication flows. You determine the content of the site.  The design will be adapted to your wishes. The management system is very user-friendly: every employee can manage the site. Moreover this Internet site is scalable, in other words you can extend the Internet site with new functionalities. Your site grows with the requirements of your company.





Intranet system 


Stimulate the internal communication which will result in more work and communication efficiency


Interactive Internet site

A valuable communication medium for you and your visitors


Content management

Manage your Internet or intranet system rapidly and easily





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