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Who is Dynamic Zones?

Dynamic Zones is a specialist in on line communication from the Netherlands.
We offer different on line business solutions, from interactive websites to communities with which many people can share knowledge and information on line.

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A high return on investment on your Internet - and intranet /
Do you have problems keeping your website up to date?


Many companies have an Internet site which is not regularly kept up because the maintenance is boarded. This is a problem that we can solve for you.


Dynamic Zones has developed a management system, which enables you to manage the content of your Internet site quick and easy. You decide what is placed on the site. With our software you can keep your catalogue and web shop up to date. What we offer is a user-friendly site which has been composed with a central source of data in protected surroundings and a central back up. You can login to your site and modify it from each pc, all over the world.


The management system is very user-friendly: every employee can manage the site. Moreover this Internet site is scalable, in other words you can easily extend this Internet site with new functionalities.


 Relevant solutions


Intranet system 


Stimulate the internal communication and increase efficiency


Interactive Internet site

 A valuable communication medium for you and your visitors


Web shop


Reports, promotion, sale and transaction of your products and services is possible when you have your own Internet Shop


Catalogue on the Internet


Save costs and raise sales by displaying your products on the Internet


Content management


Run your Internet or Intranet site quick and easy


Knowledge management


Stimulate the transfer of knowledge between your employees


Project platform


Improve the results of your projects and deliver powerful resources to cooperate, remove barriers and automate processes